Celebrate the Transfiguration

This Sunday we celebrate the Transfiguration! Or if we want to be fancy: The Feast of the Transfiguration!  Like Christmas and Easter and Pentecost and Palm Sunday, on this day we hear the same story every year. You know the one: Jesus goes up to the top of a high mountain, and there his clothes become "dazzling white", Moses and Elijah appear, and God speaks! It's quite the event! It's a day of bright, shining, mountaintop awesomeness!


Which is a perfect day for our Annual Meeting, which is also quite awesome.  Truly. U nlike some churches who are beholden to a bishop or a governing body or whose property is owned by the denomination, we govern ourselves. Y es, we are in covenant with our fellow UCC churches. But we own our own building.  We manage our own money. We hire our own staff.  We chart our own course.  That means that each of us is part of our household of faith in not just a spiritual way, but a very practical way. Together we discuss, decide, question and move forward, listening for God's guidance.


So join us this Sunday to celebrate the Transfiguration, AND the joy of being a congregational church!