I have so much to say!

Preachers are often accused of talking too much. And for good reason! We have so much important stuff to say! - ha ha. Today I have too much to say, so I offer you a list to keep myself succinct...


 - Coffee Hour this past Sunday was WILD. Not only was there an impromptu pie auction (thanks, Kathy) but when I left at 12:15 pm there were still a dozen people in Fellowship Hall. That's right: coffee hour was buzzing for over an HOUR! What's going on, Good People?!


 - The spring equinox was Tuesday at 11:06 pm. So today is the first day of spring! And: it snowed this morning! This seems like much of life these days: holding two contradictory truths at the same moment.


 - When I went to visit Bette at Prescott House yesterday, there were three other West Parish people there! To me that speaks volumes about our community and our care for one another.


 - Thursday is the 8th anniversary of my first day as your pastor! Every year on March 21 I pause to give thanks that we found each other. Hooray for our ministry together!


This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Join us to wave your palms and enter Holy Week! For me, these are the richest days of the whole year. Only in entering the shadows of this week does the radiance of Easter really shine.