Pause. And breathe.

Last summer, author Barbara Kingsolver wrote on Facebook:

"There are days when I can’t live in this country. Not the whole thing at once, including the hateful parts, the misogyny, the brutal disregard of the powerful for the powerless. Sometimes I can only be a citizen of these trees, this rainy day, the family I can hold safe, the garden I can grow. A fire that refuses to go out."


In the face of ongoing violence and political despair, where do we turn? Where do we go for solace and strength, to know peace and sanctity, so we can go on? We turn to God, who - I think - shows up right in front of us in the trees, the garden, the family. And yes, in the bright sun on the snow, the bare branches against the wide blue sky, the rabbit tracks across the yard.


Pause. And breathe. And find what is right here: the beauty, the holiness, the peace of each moment. And find the fire that refuses to go out, so we might keep on kindling the light in the world.  We continue our journey through the Epiphany season as the radiance of Christ is revealed.