The World is now getting brighter

Thursdsy, December 21st, is the winter solstice: the day with the least light, the night with the most darkness, the moment with the longest shadows.  I have always found this day achingly profound, and so intimately bound up with our Christian rituals and traditions. (Of course, Christmas being placed in December is no accident.)  As we await the coming of Jesus in Advent, as we await the arrival of the Light of the World, so does the earth become more and more still and shadowed.  No amount of twinkling lights can hide the fact that these are dark days.


But then at one singular moment, everything shifts.  The ACTUAL TURNING OF THE PLANETS aligns with our hope and faith.  The literal rhythms of the universe leans us back towards light and promise.  This truth gives me chills.  So whether or not you will be joining us Thursday night at 6:00 pm for our Longest Night Service, I invite you to pause Thursdasy evening and remember: the world is now getting brighter!