You are being the Church

What on earth is going on at West Parish?!


We just welcomed six new members, and four more people would like to join the church. Last Sunday we had ten elementary school-aged kids in Sunday School, plus more children in the nursery. We are back to our pre-pandemic worship attendance in the sanctuary, while having mastered our livestream for those at home. Three people recently volunteered to join ministries, just because they were inspired. Our stewardship campaign is on track, and financially we are doing just fine. We are collaborating with the Ballard Vale Church on outreach, youth group and worship. The choir is back, has new singers, and wants to sing more. The positive energy in worship and coffee hour has been palpable.


What is going on?!


Well, I think that all of YOU are going on. The CHURCH is going on. You are being the church: welcoming, caring, praying, tending, risking, sharing, showing up.

None of us knew what effect the pandemic would have on our church and its future, but I feel like we can now confidently say: we have somehow emerged from these challenging years strong and vibrant, and maybe even more joyful than before. And when we are vibrant and joyful, others feel it, too.


Thank you, Good People! - for all the ways that you welcome and care and pray and tend and risk and share and show up.  Thank you for all the ways that you live out the love and compassion of Jesus.  Thank you for all the ways that you seek the kingdom of God.  We are being the church, and it is AMAZING.