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West Parish and CoVid-19

Are you holding Worship Services?
What do I need to do to attend indoor worship?
How can I help others during these times?
How do you stay connected at West Parish?
How does your pastor communicate with the congregation?

Worship Services

What time is the worship service?
What are your services like?
What if I have never been to a UCC Church before? Can I attend?
What should I wear?
Where do I go?
What is in a church bulletin?
Where do I sit during the service?
Can I bring my infant/children to Church with me?
Do you have a choir?
What do I do after the church service is complete?

Children and Youth

Do you have Children Sunday School classes?
Is there a Youth Group?
Can I bring my infant/children to Church with me?
Can I have my child baptized at West Parish?

What we believe

What does West Parish believe in?
What does the rainbow flag at West Parish mean?
What denomination is West Parish?
When is Communion celebrated?
Do I have to become a member of West Parish to worship there regularly or to participate?
How do I become a member of West Parish?
Is West Parish green?


What is Fellowship Hall?
Can I rent your facility for an event?
Can I get married at West Parish Church or the Garden Chapel?
Do you offer Funeral Services?
Are you handicap accessible?
What is the West Parish Garden Chapel?


What outreach activities is West Parish involved in?
What types of ministry teams does West Parish have?
How much time is required to join a ministry or outreach activity?
How do I find out more details on volunteer activities?
How can I get involved in the West Parish Scholarship fund?


Can I attend West Parish if I was raised in a different faith?
Do you have a choir?
Where can I find more information on Smith Purdon?