West Parish 

Permaculture Garden

Did you know that there is a permaculture garden behind the church that donates all its produce to local food programs?  Come by and check it out! 



Summer 2022 Update


Over the last couple of years the permaculture garden has unfortunately dealt with a fair amount of pests and disease. Because of this, the team made a decision to put the garden to rest this year and to leave it fallow.

To do this requires a bit of work including weeding and covering the beds with straw to prevent more weed growth.


This summer, the team has worked through most of the garden and harvested a good supply of garlic that was planted last fall.  The asparagus patch also produced some spring asparagus, but not enough to donate.  We welcome any volunteers to help continue the clean-up. A work date will be communicated for the late summer. Stay tuned!


Contact Heather to learn more about the Permaculture Garden or how you can help!