Select any spot on the earth, any date and the time and location of sunrise can be predicted.  Sun events as simple as a sunrise or a sunset are fascinating.  Did you know that the sun continues to rise later in the northern hemisphere after the winter solstice?  That sunsets tend to be more brilliant in the winter months due to longer twilights and dryer air?  That solar companies can predict with great accuracy the amount of energy a solar array on your roof can generate?


All because the sun is reliable!


West Parish entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with BrightView Energy LLC that included design and installation of solar panels by Sunbug Solar and the purchase from BrightView of the solar generated power.  When the 21.84 kW solar array was designed for West Parish, the annual production was estimated to produce 26,300 kWh annually, which would offset 56% of the electric needs to the West Parish church. That’s the equivalent to carbon sequestered by over 20 acres of U.S. forests!


The solar panels are on the south side of Fellowship Hall— you can just barely see them as you drive north on Reservation Road. That reliable sun has indeed generated over 56% of our electricity usage since October of 2015!  Actually it’s been closer to 60% as Covid times reduced our electricity needs. 


That means that 114,000 kg of CO2 have not been released into the atmosphere in the 6 1/2 years that the sunlight has been shining on the solar panels on the West Parish Church roof.


Rooftops on our parishioners homes, across Andover, the country and the world have solar panels that make great use of the reliable energy from the sun.  Yours can too!  If you want to talk to a member who has solar, contact the church office and we will find a solar panel owner for you to talk with.