West Parish Church Sunday Morning Worship


Wherever you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome to join us in person at our Sunday morning service held at 10am in the sanctuary at 129 Reservation Road, Andover, MA!


Ample parking is available.


Following the service we have time for fellowship when all are welcome. When the weather is nice we gather outside and if it’s inclement we gather inside.


West Parish has carefully evaluated Covid Protocols to prioritize loving our neighbors and making decisions as a community, so that we can create a welcoming space to gather together.


Starting September 2022, COVID restrictions have been dropped. Given that masks are currently required only in medical spaces and that children can get vaccinated and schools are reopening without masking requirements, we feel that it is appropriate to drop the restrictions and no longer require masking in the church. The nursery may reopen, but anyone staffing or volunteering in the nursery or Sunday School must be vaccinated. Coffee hours may resume inside along with Mens' Group dinners and events. 


In making these recommendations, the COVID Team recognizes that masking is a personal choice and there are many people, including members of the congregation and church staff, that are still actively masking. We encourage all individuals wishing to wear masks to continue to do so and will support their choice. The COVID Team recognizes and will continue to monitor COVID and could reinstate mandates in the future if the situation warrants.  


Please contact the church office if you have any questions!  


Blessings – and hope to see you at Sunday Worship!